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(Dedicated to Global Peace)
BY Dr. Syeda Imrana Nashtar Khairabadi
We are one
White, Black, Hispanic, Asian
We are one
Hand in hand
Heart to heart
Share in tears
Share in smile
We will fulfill our dreams
With full efforts and striving
No poverty, no unrest
No hunger, no distress
No broken heart, no homelessness
No fatigue, no helplessness
Fear and terror
No, never never
No war, no destruction
No bloodshed, no bombs, no guns
No slavery, no oppression
No one high, no one low
No discrimination, no tension
No frustration, no agitation
Opportunity will knock at every door
Prosperity will search out every poor
Equality will go from home to home Read more…
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“Aatish-e-Rafta ka Suraagh”

December 26, 2011 1 comment

New novel by Musharraf Alam Zauqi

It is a 400-page novel which revolves around senstives issues of Muslims in India. Here is the preface of the novel for the benefit of our readers. Request is made to readers to buy and go through this novel.

Read more…

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EID : Short story by Syeda Sarfaraz Fatima Nashtar

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Syeda Sarfaraz Fatima Nashtar was a good  short story writer and has penned several works. Here is a short story written by her for the benefit of readers. (Ataullah Faizan-editor)


سیّدہ سر فراز فا طمہ نشتر خیرابادی

سعادت علی اپنے والِد  وجا ہت علی کی اِکلوتی اولاد تھے۔وجاہت علی کا تعلُق لکھنّو شہر کے ا یک امیر تر ین گھرا نے سے تھا۔ سعادت علی نے بڑے لاڈ و پیار اور عیش میں اپنی آنکھیں کھو لیں تھیں۔ماں باپ نے اُن کی ناز بر دا ریوں میں کوئ کسرَ نہ اُٹھا رکھی تھی۔ لاڈلے اور ریئس زادے ہو نے کی و جہ سے اُن کی ہر خوا ہِش کا  ا ِستقبال کیا جاتا Read more…

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Shamsur Rahman Faruqi plagiarises Dr. Abu Mohammad Sahar’s book

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Shamsur Rahman Faruqi plagiarises Dr. Abu Mohammad Sahar’s book

Posted by: urdunewsblog on: February 16, 2011

Shamsur Rahman Faruqi may be a big name in Urdu criticism but a new book has exposed him over the matters lifted by him to write his books and articles. It is alleged  Shamsur Rahman Faruqi has been lifting material from various articles and books and then presenting them in somewhat new shape to own credit of the original idea. The most glaring example, is lifting of matter from the famous book of Dr Abu Mohammad Sahar titled Urdu Imla Aur Uski Islaah’.The plagiarism came to light when Shamsur Rehman Faruqui’s book “Urdu Ka Ibtidai Zamana” was published. Read more…

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Poem Haqq-o-Baatil by Dr. Suhela Nashtar Khairabadi

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نظم حق و باطل

ڈاکٹر سیّدہ سہیلا نشتر خیرابادی

جب بھی کہیں با طِل سر اُٹھاتا ہے

مر ے وُجود میں چھُپا ہوا حَق باہر آتا ہے Read more…

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Muslim Saleem special issue of Adabi Kiran periodical released

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(From Left) Ataullah Faizan, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Shri Laxmikant Sharma, Muslim Saleem and Yunus Makhmoor on the occasion of release of Adabi Kiran’s Muslim Saleem special issue.

Bhopal, March 18, 2011 (Abdul Ahad Farhan): Madhya Pradesh Culture and Public Relations Minister Mr Laxmikant Sharma released a special issue of Urdu periodical Adabi Kiran on noted Urdu poet and writer Muslim Saleem at his residence here. Those present on the occasion included famous Urdu critic Prof Afaq Ahmad, Muslim Saleem, Adabi Kiran’s editor Yunus Makhmoor and’s editor Ataullah Faizan. Read more…

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Urdu poets and writers of world

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Poem ‘Amn ke aasha’ by Atif Javed

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Noted poet Atif Javed has released his latest poem Amn Ki Asha, which is being published here. Atif Javed is a young but very sensitive Urdu poet, who has been penning superlative poems, some of which have been published by