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Little Bird – a poem by Dr. Syeda Suhela Nashtar Khairabadi

I am a little bird

I sing lovely songs

I wake up early

I go to sleep early

I am a little bird

My melodies wake up the world

And fill the hearts with joy

I have discovered the secreat of life

” Be happy and keep others happy

And fill the world with your melodies”

This is my message to the world.

Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem- a glimpse By Dr. Shahzad Rizvi

May 31, 2011 1 comment
 It is high time that the poetry of Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem get its due. It is now well-known that Dr. Saleem Wahid Saleem (distinguished father of Mr. Muslim Saleem, a prominent journalist and litterateur) worked in obscurity and isolation in Pakistan toward the end of his life. His democratic and liberal views came head to head with dictatorial regimes and extremist tendencies.
His ideal was that the peoples of the world belonging to various religions and ethnic groups pursue their faith according to the dictates of their conscience and live in harmony with one other.
On a personal and micro level, he valued human values more than worldly grandeur.  Dr. Saleem has expressed in his Urdu ghazal, “DASTE TALAB NA KAR DARAAZ JAAHO HASHAM NA KAR QUBOOL,” what a person should strive for in life. It is a universal truth that poetry in one language does not lend itself well to translation into another language; something unique to its linguistic and poetic tradition is always lost in the transformation.  However,  I have made an effort at its translation as follows: Read more…

TUBE BABY – a short story by Dr. Shahzad Rizvi

Samantha, popularly called Sam, was very curious about her father—or more accurately, about the donor of the sperm which became responsible for her existence. She would lie in bed late into the night, wondering about him—what kind of man he was, what he did, what he looked like. She, herself, had a tall and statuesque figure, alabaster skin and gazelle-like eyes. Obviously, she had inherited all of this from him. Her mother had been bestowed many gifts by nature, but looks and figure were not among them. Often, Sam would stand in front of a full-length mirror, gazing at her reflection, trying to picture how he must look, trying to imagine being face to face with him. But it was an exercise in futility which always ended in frustration. How can I know? she thought. Read more…

Ghazal with takrar-e-lafzi by Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi

Her e is a ghazal by Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi, in which he has used takrar-e-lafzi (repetition of words) because of which the beauty of ghazal has enhanced (Posted by Muslim Saleem on May 27, 2011).

Maullim Hassan Badr – tribute by Barqi Azmi

 Muallim Hassan Badr died in a road accident on May 24, 2011. The death of founder of has come as a shock to many. Presented below is a poetic tribute by Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi (Posted by Muslim Saleem on May 26, 2011).

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Majrooh Sultanpuri death anniversary May 24 – tribute in poem by Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi

Majrooh Sultanpuri had died on May 24. Here is a poetic tribute by Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi. (See Majrooh Sultanpuri’s profile and pictures with Muslim Saleem in “urdu poets and writers of india” on  “Indian poets and writers” on (Posted by Muslim Saleem on May 24, 2011)

Ghazal “Guzar Gaya’ by Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi

(Posted by Muslim Saleem – May 22, 2011

Nashtar Khairabadi – ghazal ‘nigah=e=kafirana’


نشتر خیرابادی

اُف  تیری   نِگاہِ   کا فِرانہ

ایمان  سے  پھِر گیا  زمانہ

ہَے   ہَے  وہ   خرامِ  والہانہ

ہر گام   پہ اِک   شراب   خانہ

اِک  سجدہ    کعبہ  ساز   نشتر

لو   آ گیا   اُن  کا  آستا نہ

Dr. Syeda Imrana Nashtar pays tribute to late brother in Urdu & English poems

Late Syed Irshad Ahmad Rizvi


دَرد  کا رِشتہ


اپنے مرحوم بھائ سیّد  اِرشاد احمد  رضوی

کے سوگ میں سو گوار بہن(

ڈاکٹر سیّدہ عمِرانہ  نشتر خیرابادی

رات ہے میرے غم کی پر چھایئں

دِن  دِل کے   زخموں کا  اُ جالاہے

پھِر  بھی  میں  نہیں  ہوں   تنہا

کا یئنات کی ہر شے   مِرے ساتھ سو گوار ہے

 شریِک غم ہے یہ اُداس اُداس چاند

سِتاروں کی رنگت بھی زرد ہو گئ ہے Read more…


May 12, 2011 1 comment
(Syed Zia Khairabadi and is the grandson of Hazrat Muztar Khairabadi and son of Hazrat Nashtar Khairabadi. At present, he is based in Atlanta and serving the cause of Urdu by penning poetry and articles. Here is one his latest ghazals (Muslim Saleem, May 12, 2011)

راہِ   جُنوں  میں  میں شام  و سحر ڈھونڈتے  رہے

آہوں  میں اپنی   ہم  تو   اَثر    ڈ ھو نڈتے   رہے

داَمن   تھا   تار   تار  گرِ   یباں     نہ    بن    سکا

دستِ جنوں   کا  اپنے    ہُنر   ڈھونڈتے    رہے

ماضی کی کھِڑ کیوں میں  جو جھانکا    تھا   ایک بار

ہم کو حسین  یادوں   کے در  ڈھونڈتے  رہے

آنکھوں کے ساتھ دِل کا بھی  رِشتہ عجیب ہے

دِل  کو  جِلادے  ہم  وہ نظر  ڈھو نڈتے  رہے

منِزل   کی جُستجو  میں  رہا  دِل    کا   کا  رواں

شوقِ طلب میں ہم وہ  ڈگر ڈھونڈتے    رہے

ایک عُمر جِن کے سائے میں  گُزاری  کبھی ضیا

راہوں میں ایسے شمس و قمر ڈھونڈتے رہے

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