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Muslim Saleem special issue of Adabi Kiran periodical released

(From Left) Ataullah Faizan, Prof Afaq Ahmad, Shri Laxmikant Sharma, Muslim Saleem and Yunus Makhmoor on the occasion of release of Adabi Kiran’s Muslim Saleem special issue.

Bhopal, March 18, 2011 (Abdul Ahad Farhan): Madhya Pradesh Culture and Public Relations Minister Mr Laxmikant Sharma released a special issue of Urdu periodical Adabi Kiran on noted Urdu poet and writer Muslim Saleem at his residence here. Those present on the occasion included famous Urdu critic Prof Afaq Ahmad, Muslim Saleem, Adabi Kiran’s editor Yunus Makhmoor and khojkhabarnews.com’s editor Ataullah Faizan.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Laxmikant Sharma said that Mr Muslim Saleem, who is a veteran journalist of English, Hindi and Urdu, has been penning poetry for the last 40 years. The collection of his poetry – Amad Amad – has been published recently. Mr Muslim Saleem’s ghazals are on offbeat subjects and he has made many a experiment in ghazal and has assimilated various new issues in his poetry.

In his address, Prof Afaq Ahmad said that Muslim Saleem’s poetry comes from the core of his heart and is connected to ground realities. He has added new dimensions to ghazal and has made the scope of this form of Urdu poetry, in which a poet has to say all in just two couplets. It is to the credit of Muslim Saleem that he has compacted larger thoughts in this cramped space.

Magazine’s editor Yunus Makhmoor said that through the special issue on Muslim Saleem, he has paid tributes to a sincere man and poet. Khojkhabarnews.com’s editor Ataullah Faizan said that he had launched this and other websites to highlight the poetry of his father –Muslim Saleem and these websites have evoked encouraging response.

At the conclusion, Yunus Makhmoor and Muslim Saleem expressed gratitude towards the Culture Minister for sparing precious time for the magazine’s release despite his very tight schedule in view of ongoing session of Madhya Pradesh Assembly.

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