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Syed Zia Khairabadi’s poem “Woh Nazren” dedicated to his mother Syeda Sarfaraz Fatima Nashtar Khairabadi

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Happy Mother’s Day

Syed Zia Khairabadi, Atlanta Georgia USA

وہ نظریں

 [اپنی  شفیق ماں سیّدہ سرفراز فاطمہ نشتر خیرابادی کی اُن محبّت اور شفقت بھری نظروں کے نام جو شاید آج بھی میراتعاقُب کرتی ہیں]

میری جا نِب کو تکتی ہوئ وہ مُحبّت کی نظریں

اپنی قُربت کا مُجھے اِحساس دِلا دیتی ہیں Read more…

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Shahzad Rizvi’s short story “WE MEET AGAIN”

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Parveen finally entered the classroom and Sultan’s wait came to an end. After taking attendance, the professor called out, “So, what is deductive logic?”
Silence gripped the classroom and every student sat still, hoping not to attract attention. Sultan looked around, then slowly raised his hand.
“Yes, Sultan!” The professor’s voice boomed and the class heaved a collective sigh of relief. Read more…
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Dr Shahzad Rizvi: A great writer of East and West : by Dr Syeda Imrana Nashtar Khairabadi

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Dr Shahzad Rizvi, an Indian born but now aUScitizen, has emerged like a bright sun on the horizon of English Literature,with the shining rays of fine qualities. He belongs to the renowned scholarly family of Hazrat Allama Fazle Haq Khairabadi of which boasts several poets, writers and scholars of Urdu, Hindi, English, Persian and Arabic.
Dr Rizvi is a handsome man of good personality, strong character ,and fine habits. His great qualities include humility, intelligence, gentleness sympathy, kindness, reliability ,nobility, and learning. He is self-made person of dedication, competence, diligence, hard work, and great understanding .He shines in his roles as son ,brother and husband. He currently lives inWashington,D.C.with his lovely and loving wife and daughter .A loving attitude among family members is a little thing but makes a big difference. That is why his home gives a foretaste of Paradise. Read more…
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Dr Shahzad Rizvi on Muslim Saleem and revelation of his poetic art

April 24, 2011 2 comments
A few months ago my sister, Dr. Imrana Nashtar, who was Reader in Aligarh Universitya nd now lives in the United States, informed me that a gentleman in Bhopal was preparing a directory of Urdu poets and his name is Mr. Muslim Saleem – thus I was introduced to Mr. Saleem in absentia. When I logged on to his blogs my introduction to him became complete:  I discovered his poetic prowess through his Urdu poetry. I thought that it would be a shame if the international readers would be deprived from enjoyment of his marvelous poems. Read more…
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Nazm” Subhe Nau” By Syed Zia Khairabadi

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صُبح نو

)اُس صُبح کے نام جِس کا   شاید ہماری قوم کوا یک مُدّت سے انتظار ہے(

صُبح نو کا سورج طلوع ہونے والا ہے

تُم یہ دیکھوگے کہ ہر سِمت اُجالا ہوگا

رات کی سیاہی جب چھٹ جائے گی ذہن و دِل سے

ہر طرف روشنیوں کا بول بالا ہوگا Read more…

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Woman and Me’ by Dr Shahzad Rizvi

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Gliding in the sun-rays
Her body touched the strings of my heart.
Her music created kaleidoscopic images.
I fell in step with her.
We traversed many a galaxy.
Then, all of a sudden,
She dissolved into light and engulfed me.
I was ecstatic.
The union gave me more than a million others might.
Now the essence of this woman
Is an integral part of me.
It gives me the fuel of life, hope, happiness.

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Translation of the poem “jab ham ne zindagi ki gineen rahaten tamam” of Muslim Saleem by Dr. Shahzad Rizvi

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When we counted all the comforts of life
Years and years became concentrated in just a few moments
It seems a huge tree even now
Though the ravages of time have destroyed all its roots
It felt always as if the awaited one will come to me
But the echo of the footsteps turned away as it got  near me
I and the courage to protest – never – never
My veins suddenly began  to shout
When I broke all the limits spontaneously
Then I realized this is exactly what she wanted
I went around hiding my pain from the world
But my tossing and turning left its mark on the bed

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