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Tribute to this website Urdu Mirror by great poets Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi

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محفلِ بیت بازی کے لئے کاوش : احمد علی برقی اعظمی

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Mir Hashim ki ghazlen

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Urdu kay maroof shaer Janab Mir Hashim ki ghazlen

علامہ اقبال کے ایک فارسی قطعہ کا منظوم اردو ترجمہ : احمد علی برقی اعظمی

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Muslim Saleem – Na-at – September 11, 2012

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Naa’t khwan khud Ahmad-e-Mursil ka hai Parvardigr by Barqi Azmi

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Ek nazm by Sain Such

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The Dark Source of Light

(by Sain Sucha)

Far away

Beyond the visible stars


non-being along side being

anti-matter changing into matter

and vice versa.


Our mighty Sun

that helps grow all that lives on Earth

Trembles like a timid glow worm

in the presence of far mightier luminescent bodies.

Over there

The great chasm of black hole

swallows all that comes in its range

Accumulating and compressing it

so tight that it no longer can hold its energy

and it explodes again with a bang

creating new beings out of an apparent nothing

That is the cosmic cycle of life and death.

That is where Darkness gives birth to Light!

Barqi Azmi tribute to Muzaffar Razmi

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CharminarConnection, a group of Hyderabadees on the internet, which has played a  powerful role in connecting Hyderabadees round the world, has honored Mr. Hasan Chishti by presenting him their highly prestigious ACHIEVEMENT AWARD  in recognition of his literary and social services to the community, on the occasion of their 10th anniversary, in a grand function held in Chicago, U.S.A., on 15th September 2012.  This award to Mr. Hasan Chishti is a continuation of many recognitions and honors he received for his writings, excellence in community service and uplifting human values.

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Barqi Azmi pays tribute to Muzaffar Razmi

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