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Translation of Muslim Saleem’s ghazal By Dr. Shahzad Rizvi of USA

 Lest she be defamed, it weighs heavy on my heart

I avoid her for her own sake; alas, this restraint is voluntary

He does favor after favor for me; this stream of kindness goes on forever

In return she does not want even my thanks; this gesture of her is so sweet

This bird is free and soars towards the sky; no one has any control over it

Your body may belong to someone else, but your love and memories belong to me

From today I’ve decided to be an ascetic; now you’re my goddess and I worship at your altar

All the treasures of speech I possess, from today they all are yours

Even if all drunkenness vanishes, and all the taverns are shut down

The unique intoxication of love will never go away.

Note by Dr. Shahzad Rizvi: “Mr. Muslim Saleem is a leading Urdu poet of our time and I’m very pleased to translate his works.”

Muslim Saleem – ghazal

Woh naa badnaam ho kaheen Muslim, bus yahi fikr mujh pebhaari hai

Us ki khaatir gurez hai us say, dil pe yeh jabr ikhtiyaarihai

Karte hain hum pe woh karam pe karam, silsila faiz ka yehjaari hai

shukriye ko bhi man’a karte hain, yeh ada aur unki pyaarihai

yeh hai panchhi khuli hawaaon ka, is pe kis ki ijaara-daarihai

aap ka jism ghair ka ho magar, aap ki yaad to hamaari hai

aaj se jog le liya hum ne, tum ho devi yeh dil pujaari hai

jo mataa-e-sukhan hamaari hai, aaj se sub woh bus tumhaarihai

nasshe kafoor saare ho jayen, saare maikhane band ho jayen

sar se lekin naheen utarti yeh, ishq ki bhi ajab khumaarihai


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