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Muslim Saleem – ghazal – June 13, 2013

Ghazal and its translation by Muslim Saleem

Muslim Saleem - ghazal - June 13.

Nagaah jaag uthaa wo, yeh mujh par azab tha

Main khwab bun raha tha wo jab mahv-e-khwab tha

(Hell broke when she woke up suddenly

(since) I was knitting my dreams (seeing) her asleep)

Who aakhri habeeb bhi misl-e-saraab tha

Apni har arzoo ka muqaddar kharab tha

(And lo! That last beloved also turned out to be a mirage

It was as if fate of my every longing was doomed)

Mahshar mein ham ne dekha ajab hi hisaab tha

Nakaam jo yahan tha wahaan kamyaab tha

(It was a unique scene on Day of Judgment

One who was unsuccessful here was successful there)

Parda uthae ke dekha to aankhon mein thi hayaa

Yani ke us hijaab ke andar hijaab tha

(When I removed veil, I found modesty in her eyes

It was as if there was a veil within the veil)

Jo kucch hai is zameen pe Ali ka raheen hai

Unkaa ise liye to laqab Bu Turaab tha

(Everything on the face of this Earth is indebted to Ali (AS)

That was why his pseudonym was Bu Turaab (Father of Soil)

Ummedwar kitney hi nakaam ho gaye

Mushkil tha imtihaaN ke wafaa ka nisaab tha

(Innumerable candidates proved to be unsuccessful

Exam was tough since it was question paper of loyalty)

Nazaan bahut tha apni mohabbat ke jeet par

Muslim khud us nazar ka magar intikhab tha

(He was proud to have won his love…..but

(in fact) Muslim was (himself) choice of his beloved)




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