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“Badli Mein Chhupa Chand” by Dr Renu Behel

“Badli Mein Chhupa Chand” is the fifth collection of Dr Renu Behel’s Urdu short stories. Kudos to Dr Renu for this feat. She is one of rare breeds of female Urdu short story writers who have carved out their own niche in Urdu fiction world. This feat assumes added significance since Dr Renu Bahel comes from a family where Urdu is not read and written. Her close ones ask her to write in Punjabi or Hindi so that they can also get insight of her penning. But thanks to her immense love for Urdu, she has resolved to write only in Urdu till her last breath as she mentioned in the preface of this new collection. (See Dr Renu Behel’s life and photographs on



“Badli Mein Chhupa Chand” contains 15 very grasping and neatly-written short stories. Most of her short stories leave a deep impact on mind and are etched in memory for long as they expose the hollowness of society and degrading moral values.

“Badli Mein Chhupa Chand” is worth ready and buying. The book costing Rs. 200 has been published under the supervision of Gopal Mittal by Modern Publishing House, 9, Gola Market, Daryaganj, New Delhi-110002.

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