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Hazrat Faiz Bahadur R.A. Bhopal (click to enlarge images)

Hazrat Faiz Bahadur was born as Nawab Faiz Bahadur. Son of Nawab Yar Mohammad Kha, he was born at Bhopal in 1746. At that time, the nascent Bhopal Princely State was in great turmoil. He was declared as Nawab of Bhopal at the age of severn years under the patronage of His mother Maji Mamola. In fact, Maji Mamola was the de facto ruler. Right since childhood, Nawab Faiz Bahadur had inclinations towards Sufism and evaded royal tantrums. He remained confined to his Hujra in Fatehgarh Fort. He abandoned the throne at the early age of 17 and devoted himself fully to worship of Allah. He died at the young age of 31 years in 1777. A mausoleum was built over the Hujra where he breathed his last. His wive is also buried in an adjoining Hujrah. Residents of Bhopal revere him as Hazrat Faiz Bahadur Rahmataullah Alaih. Here are some pictures of his mausoleum and a newspaper clipping on him.

Poet, writer and journalist Muslim Saleem, his sons Ataullah Faizan and Abdul Ahad Farhan have captured some pictures of the grand mausoleum, situated at Kamla Park, Bhopal in October 2010.

(click to enlarge images)

Muslim Saleem inside Hazrat Faiz Bahadur mausoleum, Bhopal.

Hazrat Faiz Bahadur mazar-e-muqaddas

Muslim Saleem, Asma Farooq, Ataullah Faizan at Hazrat Faiz Bahadur mausoleum.

Ataullah Faizan, Asma Farooq, Abdul Ahad Farhan at Hazrat Faiz Bahadur mausoleum

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