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Dr. Raj Bahadur Gaur – a poetic tribute

Veteran Freedom Fighter and former MP Dr. Raj Bahadur Gaur who is also the President of Anjuman-e-Taraqui-e-Urdu passed away at Hyderabad on Friday morning, October 7, 2011. The 93-year-old leader died in a hospital where he was admitted for treatment of high fever. Doctors said the death was caused by sepsis. Raj Bahadur Gaur was a great lover of Urdu. It can be gauged by the fact that only on September 11, 2011, he had donated Rs.3 lakh to Urdu Taleemi Trust. This trust runs Urdu Model School in Urdu Hall, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad. Government of India had recently enhanced the pension of the former members of Parliament. Out of the arrears amount, Dr. Raj Bahadur Gaur donated this generous contribution. His death is a great loss to Urdu world. Gaur was born in 1918 in a Kayasth family. He played a key role in Comrades Association, one of the pillars of Communist Party during the Nizam’s rule. A book titled “Raj Bahadur Gaur, Hayat aur Adabi Karname” has  been written by Dr. Khaliq Anjum and published by Anjuman Taraqqi-ei Urdu, Hind. He was born in Gowlipura in Hyderabad city on July 21, 1913. His forefathers hailed from Faizabad district in UP. His mother was from Banares. It was his grandfather who had come down to Hyderabad. He was educated in Osmania University   and later joined the Osmania Medical College. (Muslim Saleem)
Here is a tribute paid to Raj Bahadur Gaur by Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi.
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