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Ghazal by Nashtar Khairabadi

Nashtar Khairabadi was a very good poet. He was the son of Hazrat Muztar Khairabadi and brother of Jan Nisar Akhtar and Bartar Nashtarabadi. His sons Syed Rizwan Khairabadi and Dr. Shahzad A Rizvi and daughters Syeda Imrana Nashtar Khairabadi and Syeda Naheed Nashtar Khairabadi, who are based in the US, are also putting in their invaluable services to literature. Here is a three-couplet ghazal of Nashtar Khairabadi.




بس ہیں جلوہ پناہیاں تیری

اُف  تبسّم نِگا ہیاں  تیری

بن گیئں موت مرنے والے کی

نزع   میں  عُذر خوا ہیاں    تیری

اب تو  اُن کو بھی  رحم  آتا ہے

ہائے نشتر تبا ہیاں  تیری

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